Plenary Speakers
  • Dr.

    Heleen Goorissen


    Sustainable industrialization of FDCA, the building block for PEF’

  • Prof. Dr.

    Katja Loos

    Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/NL

    Enzymes in Action: Sustainable Approaches in Polymer Science

  • Prof. Dr.

    Filip Du Prez


    Recycling the unrecyclable: a story about reprocessable thermosets and debondable adhesives

  • Dr.

    Bernhard von Vacano


    Make, Use, Recycle: The journey towards circular, sustainable polymers

  • Dr.

    Eckhard Wenz


    Sustainability and circularity of technical thermoplastic polymers in industrial life cycles

  • Dr. Prof.

    Stefan Mecking


    Chemically Recyclable and Degradable Polyethylene-Like Polyesters sourced from Natural Oils or Waste

Invited Speakers
  • Jun. Prof. Meike Leiske, University of Bayreuth/DE
  • Dr. Ina Vollmer, University of Utrecht/NL
  • Prof. Dr. Andrij Pich, RWTH Aachen/DE
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Meier, KIT Karlsruhe/DE
  • Prof. Dr. Sonja Herres-Pawlis, RWTH Aachen/DE
  • Prof. Dr. Athina Anastasaki, ETH Zürich/CH
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Ludwigs, University of Stuttgart/DE
  • Dr. Rupert Schnell, Evonik/DE
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester, MPI Polymerforschung Mainz/DE
  • Prof. Dr. Nico Bruns, Technical University of Darmstadt/DE

GDCh Makro 2024
16 - 18 September 2024 | Biennial Meeting of the Macromolecular Division of the GDCh in Dresden (Germany)